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Macro panel: Global uncertainty, trade wars and slowing growth

  • Where do we see growth? Will it be synchronized or not? 
  • How is monetary policy affecting growth?
  • Can we expect US-EU trade tensions?
  • When will volatility return to markets? 

Moderator: Helen Thomas, CEO, Blonde Money  
David Nowakowski
, Director, Strategist Multi Asset and Macro Team, Aviva 
Philippe Waechter
, Chief Economist, Ostrum Asset Management 
Guy Verberne
, Chief Economist, PGGM

James Ashley, Head of International Market Strategy, Goldman Sachs Asset Management


Interview with Q&A: Spotlight on Brexit - your questions answered

  • What role will the UK play on the world stage post-Brexit?
  • What will be the implications of Brexit for both EU and UK firms? 
  • Will London lose its place as the clearing capital of Europe? 

David Page, Senior Economist, AXA Investment Mangers


Panel: The next wave of cryptocurrency trading

  • What are the key factors to attract more institutional investors to crypto currency trading?
  • How should market participants address the requirements of institutional investors?
  • What can the crypto world learn from the FIAT exchanges with proven, trusted technology?


Morning break and opportunity to network

Morning networking

Stream 1 - Trading stream


Fireside Chat: Data, AI and ML: How can the buy-side thrive in today’s data-driven and automation-led landscape?

  • How can alternative data sets be used in research?
  • What needs to be improved in order to normalise data for AI and ML?
  • Are AI and ML benefiting underlying returns? 
  • How can you use market data for pre, execution and post-trade analysis?

Charles Ellis, Trader and Quantitative Strategist, Mediolanum Asset Management


e-Commerce panel: has the hype reached reality?

  • What are the latest innovations traders need to be aware of?
  • How far could algorithmic trading eventually extend? Will it transform FX swaps and options?
  • How will fintech change the market's ecosystem and how can you profit from this change?

Alex Smyth, Head of Trading, Florin Court Capital

Victor Lebreton, Head of e-Trading, Quant Hedge 

Saeed Amen, Quant Strategist, Author & Founder, Cuemacro  

Stream 2 - Investor stream


Geopolitics panel: China, bilateralism versus multilateralism, and the new world order 

  • US-China relationship – will it continue to deteriorate?
  • Impact of Democrat House of Representatives on Trump’s presidency
  • Tensions in the Middle East and the impact of oil prices for dollar
  • EU post-Brexit and post-Merkel – how to position your portfolio
  • Is Macron’s crisis in France a danger to all of Europe? 

Moderator: Lena Komileva, Chief Economist, Director, G+ Economics

Elliot Hentov, Head of Policy and Research, State Street Global Advisors

Andrea Ianelli, Fixed Income Investment Director, Fidelity International 

Eric Huttman, Portfolio Manager, Millennium Global Investments

Jasper Lillingston, Director, Head of G7 Portfolio Management, EBRD


Panel: Emerging Markets – predicting the next trantrum

  • Which markets are most bullish in 2019? And which are most bearish? 
  • What is the impact of oil revenues on oil-producing developing nations?
  • What are the risks and opportunities to prepare for in 2020? 
  • Will the US-China conflict continue to hurt innocents?

Kaan Nazli, Senior Economist, Neuberger Berman

Onursal Kilic, Lead Portfolio Manager, MN Investment Partners

Lamine Bougueroua, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets, Nordea

Daniel Wood, Senior Portfolio Manager, EMD, NN Investment Partners


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Presentation: The future of Europe in a changing world economy

  • What measures are necessary for the Eurozone to fully recover from the financial crash in 2008?
  • Would a strengthened EU banking union and capital markets union help accelerate economic progress?
  • Does Italy threaten a new European debt crisis? if so, how can it be averted?
  • How can Europe prospect amid slow growth?


Presentation: Climate change and sustainable finance

Paul Fisher, Former Member of the Monetary policy Committee, Bank of England, Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Cambridge University


Afternoon break and opportunity to network


Panel: Navigating the shifting liquidity landscape – TCA, execution and transparency

  • Bank and non-bank LPs: which offers the best value and how do they co-exist? Will the latter eventually take over from the former?
  • Are we now comfortable with last look? Where else do we need transparency? 
  • How can TCA enhance execution and trade analysis? 
  • What themes will dominate FX trading over the next 12 months? 

Thomas Wind, Executive Director, Head of FX and Trading, Woodman Asset Management

Cyril Batkin, Senior Trader, Candriam 

Robbert Sijbrandij, Head of FX, Flow Traders

Patrick Hoffman, Portfolio Manager, Stone Milliner Asset Management


Champagne Roundtables  

1. Cryptocurrencies – should you take the leap?

  • Should exchanges trade a crypto index? 
  • How compelling is the argument that crypto is not a suitable store of value, unit of account and means of exchange?
  • Are the available custody solutions sufficient? 

2. Asian markets 

  • How will Asian markets evolve in 2020 in terms of trade-ability, access for foreign participants, derivatives and liquidity? 
  • What is the role of intermediary currencies such as Yen and Aussie dollar in translating prices from APAC currencies to G10 currencies? 
  • What is the impact of Chinese ‘debt diplomacy’? 
  • Is regulation tighter in Asia? 

3. What is the future of FX swaps and options?

  • More e-trading
  • More credit solutions
  • Basis swap and year end effects

Tjerk Methorst, Senior Trader, PGGM


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Editor, FX Week


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Day 2


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FX Week registration


Welcome address:

Editor, FX Week


Panel: Exploring the opportunities of trading tech and finding the right solutions for your firm

  • How can you establish which platforms can be most easily embedded within your current operating model?
  • Finding the right partners – best practices when evaluating new solutions
  • Collaboration between stakeholders to ensure successful implementation – how can different functions including the business and technology departments work together to improve efficiencies?

Saeed Amen, Quant Strategist, Author & Founder, Cuemacro 

Charles Ellis, Trader and Quantitative Strategist, Mediolanum Asset Management


Exhibition of platforms and providers

Participating FX trading venues are invited to present updates about the venue and possible new features



Central banking panel: Sovereign debt crisis, economic uncertainty and balance sheet shifts  

  • Is the bearish euro consensus correct?
  • Policy convergence – implications for FX of QT
  • Increased geopolitical instability: what is the impact on investing?  
  • How will European monetary policy evolve? 

ModeratorGary Smith, Managing Director, Strategic Relationship Management Team, Barings 

Imene Rahmouni-Rousseau, Director of Markets, Banque de France

Marton Nagy, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Hungary 

Liviu Voinea, Deputy Governor, National Bank of Romania 


Morning networking break

Morning networking


Panel: Innovation in prime brokerage, credit and clearing: tighter credit, disruptors and new technologies 

  • Will credit switching platforms be disruptive?
  • Is there the risk of “subprime” in PB with the rise of participants?
  • Can PB and clearing coexist?
  • How are PB offerings evolving?
  • Clearing, PB or PoP: which offers the best value?


Panel: Fostering best practices in the FX market

  • Why should the buy-side sign up to the Code?
  • How do firms go about in signing up to the Code?
  • How can we make it easier for the Buy Side to sign up? What about a section specifically for Asset Managers to sign up to?
  • How can the buyside get a voice in the future evolution of the FX market?
  • Will there be measures to confirm adherence for adopters?
  • Was there enough input from the buy side into the FX Code of Conduct as we have it today?

Moderator: Nick Downes, Partner, Axiom Global Advisors

Tobias Helmersson, Chair of the GFXC's working group on buy-side outreach, European Central Bank

Darryl Hooker, CEO, Harperdan Consulting Ltd and Executive Committee Member, ACI UK

Christoph Hock, Global Head of Trading, Union Investments



Pension Fund Perspectives interview

  • Sluggish growth, rising protectionism and the unwinding of QE – are investors and asset owners prepared for a period of lower returns? 
  • Fiduciary duty – who owes what to whom and how do asset managers ensure best execution? 
  • Will UK pension funds have to clear trades with European counterparties post-Brexit? (no-deal scenario) 
  • With only one in four European pension funds confident that the region has recovered after the financial crisis, what is the outlook for 2020?


Lunch and opportunity to network